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Who are you?

My name is Chris Backe (rhymes with hockey). I’m originally from the USA, and I’ve been buying and selling domains for years. I live abroad with my wife, Laura, and blog about our travels over at oneweirdglobe.com.

How do I contact you?

By e-mail: chris AT swingnames DOT com.

By Skype: swingnames

By phone: 1-828-348-4884 or +668-6754-2404.

Schedule a meeting online

Bear in mind I’m currently on Bangkok time (GMT+7) – if you’re calling from the Eastern time zone, I’m 11 or 12 hours ahead of you.

How do you get your domain names?

A lot of different ways – auctions, backordering, and occasionally through another private seller such as myself. Right now I dedicate 1-2 hours a day just looking for potential names to pick up, not to mention the time spent keeping notes on what’s happening in the industry and e-mailing people.

What domains do you have for sale?

I’m afraid I don’t assemble a public list like that. It would be a part-time job just to ensure that doesn’t get out of date! If you’ve been e-mailed about a specific domain, rest assured it is available for sale and immediate transfer or ‘push’ (check WHOIS records for proof of ownership).

If you haven’t been e-mailed about a specific domain, please feel free to use the contact form to introduce yourself and your business. If I don’t have one that suits you, I can see about getting one that does.

I don't know much about domain names...

That’s OK! You probably have a thousand different things on your to-do list, and becoming an expert on domain names is not one of them.

My goal is to work with you in a way you understand – no patronizing and no talking above your head. Simple as that.

Wait, can you really do that? Yep. In my career I’ve taught basic computer classes to adults and tutored kids and adults alike on how to use programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. As a web developer, I’ve worked with people that drew out how they wanted their website to look like on paper (sometimes, it’s easier that way!). I’ve taught workshops where the focus was of a technical nature – breaking something down and making it easy to learn is one thing I do well.

I want the name you e-mailed me about. What happens next?

For larger sales (more than $1,000) an escrow-based transaction will be set up. In short, I’ll send you a link via e-mail to pay via escrow, then ‘push’ the domain name to you. The escrow service won’t release your funds to me until you’ve confirmed ownership. The escrow fees will be split between us 50-50.

For smaller sales (less than $1,000), a PayPal transaction can be set up. You’ll be sent a link to pay for the domain name – after payment is received, the domain name will be ‘pushed’ to you.

How is that done? After the payment is handled, you’ll be asked to open a free account at the domain’s registrar (don’t worry, you’ll get step-by-step directions in the e-mail). Once you do that, I ‘push’ the domain from my account to yours. If you prefer to change registrars, you’re welcome to do so once you have ownership.

Schedule a 30-minute call to go over the details.

How do I begin using the domain name once I've purchased it?

The sky’s the limit! The three most common options:

Option A: redirect your newly purchased site to your already existing site

Once the domain is in your possession, have your technical person do a 301 redirect on the account from (new name) to (current name). You can begin incorporating the new domain name a little bit at a time this way.

Pros: easy and fast to do

Cons: not taking full advantage of your new name

Option B: refresh your business – phase (new name) in and (old name) out

Maybe you’ve been thinking about refreshing your website. If so, purchasing a new domain name is a perfect time to re-make your website. Announce on your current website you’ll be moving / rebranding, then get to work. When you’re done, have your technical person do a 301 redirect on the account (old name) to (new name).

Pros: A great chance to revitalize your online presence, and a very good use of your new name

Cons: can be time-consuming to re-create your website

Option C: use the new domain as a spinoff project / business

Whatever you’re selling or creating, you might want your website to market or sell your offerings in a different way. The new domain name can be marketed to a different demographic, using social media, or however you like. Same business, two websites, two ways of pulling people in, and two ways of making money.

Pros: a great way to use your new shorter / better name, a cutting-edge way to advertise on the internet

Cons: can be time-consuming, may require changes to advertising

Why are you selling these names?

I’m in the business of buying and selling domain names. I’ll hang onto a few that might appreciate in value over time, and a couple might be developed.

Can you also design websites?

Yes – I designed the website you see here, and can work with you to develop / revitalize most any kind of WordPress website. If your current website is not in WordPress, I can likely recreate it within WordPress.

Why WordPress?

Once everything is designed and setup, it’s easy for anyone on your staff to edit or update the site. You don’t need to call your web guy every time you need to change the date on something.

Packages start at $299, which includes design, content uploading, theme and plugin installation, and ensuring it meets your specific needs. Each package is tailored to fit your needs, but in general:

Basic websites are around $299 (e.g. blogs, basic storefront displays, can include location finder, contact form, or the like)

Moderately complex / large websites are around $599 (e.g. e-commerce system tested and deployed, sites with existing content to import up to 100 posts or pages, )

Complex / large websites are around $999 (dramatically customizing a WordPress theme, lots of existing content to import).

Some jobs are admittedly too big or complex for my one-person operation – if that’s the case, I’ll refer you to someone who can take it on.

After a website is fully developed and approved by you, other development would be billed on an hourly basis.




Can I just lease the domain name?

Not at this time. 99% of the domain names I have for sale are priced at under $1,000, so an outright purchase and transfer cuts down on time spent on administration.

If you want the name but can’t afford the upfront payment, we can likely work out a 3-6 month payment plan at a reasonable interest rate. I’d retain ownership of the name (much as a bank retains ownership of a house while mortgaged) while allowing you control of the name to use as you like. Please indicate your interest in a payment plan in your e-mail.

I have other questions...

Use the contact form below =)